Fall 2012

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

Thank you to everyone for making 2012 our best year for guest numbers since purchasing the camp in 2008. It and all of us have certainly changed since then and all for the better! Now, if only the US exchange would improve out of the negative side all would be very well.

Nungesser had the earliest ice out of April 7, 2012 that anyone can remember. We were there that weekend revamping the Lodge cabin and couldn’t believe how fast it went. Over forty rock markers where put out by us and one of the other Lodges on the lake and this helped considerably with keeping the number of lower units damaged down. Only four this year compared to thirteen last year. By no means where all hazards marked but we covered the most “popular” ones. Also, a prop and lower unit check list similar to renting a car was introduced this year and this was well received.

The weather at the beginning of the season was pretty cold and rainy and one of the week’s groups only got to go out fishing for two and a half days because of the blowing wind and rain. Things changed later on when we really heated up. Not as much as some of the States but quite warm for us. People let us know that they were so happy to come up to our “cool” 85 plus degree weather.

The Lodge cabin remodel was completed over the winter and people liked and enjoyed the changes that were made. No longer do people feel they are being punished when put there but are now asking for this particular cabin. Later on in the season a new shingled roof was put on both the TV room and cabin side. All the bedrooms in the Lodge and Cabin 9 have been painted.

Doug built a greenhouse up the hill by our house out of scrap lumber and windows. Despite seeding late we still got all kinds of legal plants such as beets, beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. We purchased and barged in a second white truck which will be converted next year to haul luggage. It is an extendacab so it will help bring in people as well.

Due to all the bad weather and wind earlier this year we had divers come and untangle the metal chains that hold down the fronts of the docks. They brought up several lawn chairs, minnow buckets and all sorts of other items while under water.

The oldest guest we had this year was 88 years old. He didn’t quite make it through the whole week but we were happy that he picked our camp to come to as this is where he asked his son to bring him. The biggest Northern caught that was reported to us was a 50 incher by Danny Holloway close to the end of season.

The longest and most brilliant display of Northern Lights we saw all year was during the week when we had only two guests in camp.

Nungesser Lake Lodge has a new Youtube video thanks to Tourism Red Lake association. You can check it out by going on www.tourismredlake.ca or go to Google or some other search engine and copy the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwhjwNaiAE&feature=plcp

The trail from the river into camp was in great shape this year due to the hard work of our staff and the use of the tractor, many people commented on it. We had a trail camera on and saw tracks of caribou, deer and one wolf but never did get a picture. We did have a camp fox for a while but he must have found a better area elsewhere.

Three of our hunters had success by taking all males bears the first day. Two of them went back out the next day just to do some taping and got some awesome footage at the stands.

Not one single bear wondered through or came into camp this year. This is the first time that this has happened to us since our taking over. I know that this was a disappointment to some of you (right Jon?) but we were glad for it.

There was a heavy, wet early snow on October 4 and this damaged a lot of the trees in the river and on the trail to camp. After many hours of cutting Doug and his boys went hunting at their cabin on the other end of the lake and had success by bringing in two calf moose. Thirteen moose were seen over all. This same storm caused a power outage in the Red Lake area which lasted over 30 hours.

Many changes have been planned for the 2013 season. Shingles for Cabins 1, 2 and 3 have been purchased and will be put up. Room safes will be installed in each cabin for the people who used to ask us to hold their belongings for them. There will be a $20 charge only if the key is lost. Coin operated washer and dryer will be available for use. We now have a scale for the bear hunter’s use so there will be no more “guestimating”.

Our winter projects include making bed side tables and larger shelves to store items as well as a new set of cupboards for Cabin 3. There will also be changes and updates on our web site shortly. We have ordered 12 new Yamaha motors and one G3 boat so there will be no more Merc’s left anywhere in camp.

The Super 8 hotel in Red Lake is now complete with 65 rooms and reservation information can be obtained either by going on line at www.super8.com or calling them directly at 807-727-8888. There are several other options in Red Lake and area and this should help accommodate everyone needing a place to stay the night prior to heading to camp.

We will be attending the All Canada, St. Charles Sport Show from January 10 to 13, 2013. Further information for this show can be found at www.allcanada.com. We are at the same booth as in other years.

March 1 to 3, 2013 we will be once again attending the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. You can check out www.iowashows.com to find out more information. As we only have a couple of days between shows we are wanting to visit with one of Doug’s hunting friends at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. He is 94 years old so are hoping that he continues to be well so we can spend some time with him. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport show is on March 6 to 10, and you can check out the show by going to www.milwuakeesportsshow.com and following the links.

The Opening day of fishing season is May 18, 2013, with the first week being May 17 to 24. There will be no price increase for the 2013 season.

When our computer had its melt down earlier this year we lost a lot of e-mail addresses. If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. .Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com.

Thank you!!

Spring 2012

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

By the end of the 2011 season the water was the lowest we have ever seen it. Because of the lack of rain and hot weather the lake level dropped about four feet lower than normal. It is possible to walk in between the two docks for about 10 feet of beach in front of the deck of the fish cleaning house. There hasn’t been much snow so the lake levels could continue to be low in the spring unless we get a large amount of rain early in the season. We will be marking as many hazards as we can prior to the opening of fishing.

In early October Cathy flew to Switzerland and hiked around in the Saanen area for 8 days. In November Doug and a friend tried Elk hunting in Montana. Both of us ended up with the same thing – wonderful pictures of beautiful landscape and scenery. The weather turned so warm that the elk that had been migrating down the mountain started heading back up. It was not for lack of trying, Doug and his horse “Quigley” went up as far as 7,500 feet looking for the animals, but came home empty handed.

In December we went on a Cruise through the Caribbean. We stopped at several islands and would like to go back to some in the future for a greater length of time. Lucky for us we didn’t capsize, get stranded, catch fire or fall over board as other cruise ships have been reported about in the news lately.

In January we went to the All Canada Sport Show in St. Charles and it was fairly well attended. They had hardly any snow and on the drive down we even heard news of a grass fire in the area. The first day of the show it snowed fairly heavily, but by the next day quite a few people had shoveled out and came by.

Also in January Doug and Cathy flew up to Dawson Creek (Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway) for Cathy’s youngest daughter’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Graduation ceremony at the Northern Lights College. The weather was plus 6 C (43 F) which we hear is very unusual for that time of year there.

In February we went to the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines and that show was very well attended. There was also not much snow to speak of until the day before we arrived. The sides of the interstate showed many places where people had skidded off the road. While there we noticed that the price of gas has drastically increased, to date the price of gas in Canada has maintained the same level as before. Hopefully, this remains so! On the way home we moved just ahead of a weather watch or blizzard warning through several States.

In March, for the first time ever, we will be attending the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show.

Opening Day this year is May 19 with people coming in on May 18, 2012. If you have your valid green outdoor card please bring it with you as the system for its use is finally up and running. If you need to renew it you can do so on-line by going to www.mnr.gov.on.ca and following the information for non-Canadian residents. This should save you a considerable amount of time at the license outlets and is highly recommended, you will also find a fee schedule and other valuable information on there. You must still get all licenses prior to coming into camp.

Another useful web site is the Canada Border Services Agency at www.cbsa.gc.ca for any questions on DUI’s , what identification information is needed, what you are allowed to bring over and back and how much. Please keep in mind a valid passport is required to get back into the States. If you have a child in your group who is crossing without both parents we recommend having a letter of permission from the missing parent.

If you are bringing your own trolling motor to camp you will also need to bring or rent a battery that is in addition to the one on the motor. We ran into trouble with this last year and doing this should solve any problems.

Bookings for fishing are changing all the time so if there is a specific week that you would like but was full before please get a hold of us to see if anything has opened up.

Bear season starts August 15, 2012 and we have several people interested but there are still a few openings available. That cinnamon cub that we have been watching for two years should be of a good size now.

We are in the process of gutting and renovating the Lodge cabin attached to the TV room. The bedrooms and bathrooms will all be moved around and all will now have a window. Pictures are available on-line on Facebook as we get things completed.

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until May 6, 2012 and then out at the camp 1-647-478-2904 after that so please feel free to contact us at either number.

Fall 2011

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

The 2011 Season has come and gone and it seemed to go by really fast. The weather was warmer than usual and we had very few bugs. Due to the lack of rain we had many forest fires around the region and several days when the smoke was thick and the air hazy. Also, partly due to the lack of rain the water in the lake is unusually low this year. By the end of season we had gone through more than thirteen lower units.

It was also fairly warm the week of August that we had bear hunters but both were successful and very happy with their animal. The largest walleye for the season was brought in the week of July 8 to 15, 2011 and measured thirty one inches. We have a few pictures of big northern’s but nothing official for size. Several groups have told us that this year was the best fishing they have ever had, right from the first week to the end.

During the last week of season we had terrible weather where it was cold, rainy, and windy, it may have even snowed a little, a real challenge. Sorry, Troy and crew! Of course, the week after it turned warm again and the week in October that Doug went moose hunting the weather was almost too warm. He and his boys did manage to bring down a nice bull.

The 950 John Deere tractor that we bought last Fall sure turned out to be useful. The trail has never looked better, stumps are now pulled out with ease and taking out the docks, which used to be an all day event, took under an hour.

The siding on the house has FINALLY been completed, and we are working towards other projects. The entire endeavour took the help of many people, father-in-law, two brothers-in-law, two sisters, several staff members from staining the actual siding to everything put up. Cathy’s daughter Carolyn, who is taking Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Dawson Creek, did a work placement for the months of July and August at Red Lake Seaplane Service and came on the weekends to stain windows and help with the finishing touches.

Winter projects we have in mind include completely renovating the Lodge cabin in order to get rid of that small, hot bedroom and to make the space more efficient. We will be posting pictures on Facebook as we go along.

The HST forms, which presented a problem last year, are now being successfully reimbursed. You can get more information by going to www.cra-arc.gc.ca and finding form GST-115. All the instructions are on that site. If you did not keep your receipt please contact me for a replacement.

The newly finished Deluxe Cabin 9 was heavily used this year and we got some fine compliments on it. We will be making some changes that had been suggested to us and they will be completed for the 2012 season. There still a few weeks that this particular cabin is available.

The ice machine died during the hottest week of July. We had a technician try to revive it (he spent all day) but ended up purchasing a new one. That one worked fine for about a month and then had to get the new one fixed too. There was something wrong with it right from the factory. We sent Justin into town that day to get ice for everyone to use and there was a power outage in the Red Lake area so he ran around and cleaned various stores out before they closed their doors. We ended up delivering ice via airplane out to groups on the lake.

The old minnow chiller also couldn’t keep up with the heat so we ended up replacing that as well. So far, everything else seems to be able to keep up and is working, or has already been replaced.

We will be attending the All Canada, St. Charles Sport Show from January 12 to 15, 2012. Further information for this show can be found at www.allcanada.com. We are at the same booth as in other years.

February 24 to 26, 2012 we will be once again attending the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. Attendance was amazing this year and we are hoping for the same next year. You can check outwww.iowashows.com to find out more information.

We may be doing a presentation again in March at the Crystal Bar and Grill in Mora, Minnesota. We are not sure exactly when but we will be advertising once more in the same newspapers we did last time. If we end up doing something different we will post it on Facebook and advertise in the local area newspapers.

We are also looking into alternatives for the frustrating phone system. If there will be any changes we will be contacting you by e-mail to let you know and posting it on the web site and on Facebook.

The Opening day of fishing season is May 19, 2012, with the first week being May 18 to 25. The effective prices have been posted on our web site.

There are a few bear hunting spots still available. As well, there are some weeks that we have room for fishing parties. Bookings change from time to time so if there was a particular week that you were interested in please check to see if any openings have come up.

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com.

Spring 2011

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

The winter has been quite interesting this year. Just when we get the last batch of snow cleared off there is another half a foot to a foot or more dumped on us. We hear from people in several States that this is happening to them as well. Because of all the layers of snow the ice on the lakes is in terrible condition for snow machining with massive amounts of slush and less than normal amounts of ice. This technically should mean early open water, but we have been fooled before.

This March has been especially all over the place with -33 degrees (same) one day and then +1 (33 degrees) two days later. There has been rain mixed in with the snow as well. Hard to know what is going to greet you when you open the door in the morning. With all the snow that we have had one has to assume that this will mean higher water at Nungesser in the Spring. How high is unknown but it has got to be more than we had last year at the beginning of the season.

Late fall, last year we bought a new-to-us 950 John Deere tractor. With it came all kinds of accessories including a snow blower (which has gotten lots of use), box scraper, post hole auger, brush axe, lawn mower and back hoe attachments with two buckets. This will be most useful for various chores throughout the camp. Our apologies to Lee – hopefully next year we will get to that pontoon boat, it is on the list!

At the beginning of 2011 we attended the All Canada, St. Charles Sport Show. The number of people that came through was about average for that show. We appreciate the time it takes for our guests to come and visit us there.

The end of January we went to the Island of Tortola with friends and enjoyed some sunshine and lack of shoveling. The ten days that we were gone saw the airports in various cities (Chicago, Dallas) in the US shut down due to bad weather and snow but by the time we headed for home it had all cleared up.

In February we attended the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. This location had been suggested by several guests and boy, where they right. Upwards of 40,000 people came through the doors that weekend. There was a lot of interest in our Lodge (especially the bear hunting) and we had a great visit with several guests from that area. It is nice to meet some of the wives that we give a break to once a year! The show was successful in that Doug and a friend booked an Elk and Mule deer hunt in Montana for November. This is something that he has wanted to do for quite some time.

In March we decided to do something yet a little more different by putting up our booth at the Crystal Bar & Grill in Mora, Minnesota and having an Open house there. The owners, Jim and Beth, are friends and repeat customers and speak very highly of our Lodge. The Friday afternoon was busy with talking to people of all ages during the lunch and dinner crowds.

On Saturday afternoon the bar was packed with people attending an indoor fishing contest. It is great to be able to swap fishing tales with so many avid fishing enthusiasts. Several hundred people came for prizes, minnow races and a bake walk. Proceeds went to benefit the Kanabec Agricultural Society and the Women’s Anglers of Minnesota.

The Opening day of fishing season is May 21, 2011 (a week later than last year) and this is still causing a bit of scheduling confusion. If you haven’t already heard from us please contact us to verify your date and deposit details.

Being the computer phobic people that we are, we have just recently downloaded the Google Earth program. Thank you to “Hammer24” for the beautiful picture of the sunrise right off the end of our dock.

For those of you who usually stop at the Village Corner in Vermilion Bay, Ontario we have spoken to the owner. She advises that they will not be open for business this year, probably the entire season. They are still speaking with the insurance people and are considering all their options.

Cabin 9 is getting finished off weekend by weekend and is ready for guests. Just needs the final touches of trim, paint, etc. Progress can be checked out on Facebook.

In a couple of weeks Doug and a guest will be staying there and trying out an ice fishing adventure. This is something that we are considering offering on a regular basis in the next two or three years so we want to make sure of details before adding it to our brochures. We will keep you posted.

There are a few bear hunting spots still available. As well, there are some weeks that we have room for fishing parties. Bookings change from time to time so if there was a particular week that you were interested in please check to see if any openings have come up.

The rising price of gas is worrisome and if it continues to be high or increase even more by spring we will have to consider our options. We will check with others in the industry to see what they are doing in response to this issue.

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until May 7, 2011 and then out at the camp 1-647-478-2904 after that so please feel free to contact us at either number.

Spring 2010

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

We had originally planned to take a trip to Missouri at the end of the 2009 season so Doug could go turkey hunting. Instead, we ended up heading to Big Pine Lake in Minnesota to visit friends and then on to have a look around South and North Dakota.
We checked out the Bad Lands, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Rushmore Caves, various other tourist attractions and of course a winery (or two) that offered taste testing. Beautiful area! On our way out of South Dakota we ended up in the middle of a snow storm so we felt right at home.

In January we attended the St. Charles, Illinois, All Canada show and it was great to see so many of you who come to visit us. Overall attendance at that show was dramatically better than last year, the milder weather may have contributed to that.

In February we went to St. Lucia and got married. After five years together and two years running the camp without killing each other we decided it was right.

Red Lake area has had record breaking (to as far back as 1968) temperatures for the beginning of the month of March – setting several new highs. The little snow we had all melted, but we got some back a couple of days ago. There is not enough snow left in the bush to use a snow machine. Temperatures are now more of what we expect for this time of year, right around 20 degrees.

There will be NO rate increase – the same rates from 2008 when we took over will still apply. Reservations are changing all the time so please feel contact us. There are still several bear hunting tags available and the price remains the same but now includes your bear license and export permit fee – a $235 value. The stands have been improved and the new trail cameras are part of the many upgrades for bear hunting.

If you have been fishing in Canada in the last two years you should have received your plastic Outdoor Card. Please remember to bring this with you as this is part of your fishing license. Licenses still need to be purchased prior to heading out to camp.

Also, if you happen to have a Pleasure Craft Operators card from your State, bring that as well. If you do not have one of these we will have to go over a quick form. Everyone who may be driving the boat will need that to be kept with your fishing license.

We have purchased five new Yamaha G3 V170 Guide boats to replace the aging Misty Rivers. They will still have the 40 HP Mercury motors on them, and you should really be able to notice a difference now.

The 16 and 18 foot boats have their floors and decks replaced.

There will be an array of new Logo items including T-shirts for men, ladies and children as well as jewelry and other items for sale this year.

The telephone system at camp is the same as last year as is the phone number: 1-647-478-2904. The satellite system provider assures us that the quality, sound and clarity of the phone has increased and any issues should have been resolved. This number needs to be called once you have gotten your licenses and last minute items and are ready to head out. Please leave a time that you called when you leave the message. Many businesses in town will be happy to phone us on your behalf to let us know you are on your way.

We are at the Northwest Sport show in Minneapolis from March 24 to 28, 2010. Quite a few people have indicated that they would be coming to visit us here too.

There are very few openings available for June and July, August and September have more for you to choose from.

Check us out on Facebook – we have opened a page off of our web site. Have a look around or add one of your photos. We welcome your input.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know at info@nungesserlake.com or forward it on. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until the beginning of May so feel free to contact us at that number. It won’t be long now . . . . Your adventure awaits.