Spring 2017

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge!

We are hoping that this letter finds you well. With the crazy weather, we have been having at home and seeing everywhere we travel you really don’t know what to dress for. We have had warm days that break the temperature records and the next day driving snow and freezing rain. Highways have been closed and school buses cancelled many times this winter already. Also, the people who have gotten sick say that it is really bad and lasts a long time. Sure hoping it all straightens out by the time spring comes to us.

The 2017 Walleye season starts May 20, 2017, the first day for guests to come in is Friday, May 19, 2017. Some of our groups for the busy weeks in June and July have had cancellations or have been rescheduled, if there is a week that you might be wanting please let us know.

If anyone is interested in a Spring bear Hunt which starts May 15, 2017 we will need to have four hunters, we will not be baiting or preparing for any less that that number. The first week that hunters could come to camp would be May 19, 2017. If someone is interested in hunting in the Fall this year please feel free to contact us, if no one wants to hunt in the Spring we will have 4 tags available for the fall bear hunt which begins August 15, 2017. All other tags have been taken. All hunters MUST take the bear meat and hide home with them at time of their departure.

If someone is interested in Spring bear hunting next season we will need a minimum of four hunters before we set up baiting.

We are in the middle of building a walk-in cooler/freezer to make the bear processing easier. Partly due to the large number of hunters this year, but also to have extra storage room for groceries, etc.

Once again there is an issue with the poultry items from the States to be brought into Canada. To the best of our knowledge there is no other ban in effect. More information can be found by going on the website of www.inspection.gc.ca

Last year one of our guests saw a pelican on Nungesser and showed us the picture. It will be interesting to see if this poor guy was just a one off stray or if he will come back this year.

In mid January, we attended the Chicago St. Charles All Canada show. We have not been there in quite a while and we were happy to visit with the people we have been missing.

The next weekend we went to the All Canada Sport show in Green Bay. For such a small venue, there were certainly a large amount of people that attended the show. That was until Sunday when the Packers played the Atlanta Falcons. Even the bartenders at the event packed up before the end of the show so that they could watch the game.

We also attended the Minneapolis All Canada show in Shakopee. This is another place that we haven’t been to in a while. The attendance was pretty low for the event. There is a Mid-west sport show in Minneapolis later in the year. We might consider going to this one next year.

The last sport show of the year was in Omaha. When we got there the temperatures were in the mid 70’s and the police department had several motorcycles out doing patrols. The next day we had the freezing rain/snow/high wind combination. Despite this there was a great attendance both Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us at the shows. If anyone has any suggestions for next year we would be happy to look into them.

We are in the process of switching four of the G3’s for Lund Outfitter upgrade boats. The 40 HP Yamaha motors will be switched over to the new boats.

From now on there will be no smoking in any of the cabins, fish house or TV room. All smoking will have to be done outside, on the decks and every cabin is equipped with a “butt pot” on the deck to deposit finished cigarettes.

The rate for the Deluxe cabins has increased to $885.00 for an adult on the 6 day, 7 night package, $545.00 for a child the same length of time. $820.00 for an adult on the 4 day, 5 night package, $455.00 for the child. All of the Deluxe cabins will be equipped with a dishwasher this year.

All other rates remain the same. Now is an ideal time to travel in Canada as the Canadian Dollar is very low compared to the US dollar. The price of gas is low as well, so now is the good time for you to take advantage of this situation.

We are changing the Lodge cabin into a Deluxe with a screened in deck, living room furniture, portable air conditioner, dish washer and their own Satellite TV.

Our last week of season will be September 8 to 15, 2017.

On December 21, 2016 Doug’s youngest son JD and his partner Holly made us grandparents again to a baby boy. Doug’s second son Nick and his partner Ashley are going to have a baby any time soon. Another generation to teach to love and enjoy fishing.

If you can think of anyone who might like this newsletter, please let us know or forward it to them.