Spring 2012

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

By the end of the 2011 season the water was the lowest we have ever seen it. Because of the lack of rain and hot weather the lake level dropped about four feet lower than normal. It is possible to walk in between the two docks for about 10 feet of beach in front of the deck of the fish cleaning house. There hasn’t been much snow so the lake levels could continue to be low in the spring unless we get a large amount of rain early in the season. We will be marking as many hazards as we can prior to the opening of fishing.

In early October Cathy flew to Switzerland and hiked around in the Saanen area for 8 days. In November Doug and a friend tried Elk hunting in Montana. Both of us ended up with the same thing – wonderful pictures of beautiful landscape and scenery. The weather turned so warm that the elk that had been migrating down the mountain started heading back up. It was not for lack of trying, Doug and his horse “Quigley” went up as far as 7,500 feet looking for the animals, but came home empty handed.

In December we went on a Cruise through the Caribbean. We stopped at several islands and would like to go back to some in the future for a greater length of time. Lucky for us we didn’t capsize, get stranded, catch fire or fall over board as other cruise ships have been reported about in the news lately.

In January we went to the All Canada Sport Show in St. Charles and it was fairly well attended. They had hardly any snow and on the drive down we even heard news of a grass fire in the area. The first day of the show it snowed fairly heavily, but by the next day quite a few people had shoveled out and came by.

Also in January Doug and Cathy flew up to Dawson Creek (Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway) for Cathy’s youngest daughter’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Graduation ceremony at the Northern Lights College. The weather was plus 6 C (43 F) which we hear is very unusual for that time of year there.

In February we went to the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines and that show was very well attended. There was also not much snow to speak of until the day before we arrived. The sides of the interstate showed many places where people had skidded off the road. While there we noticed that the price of gas has drastically increased, to date the price of gas in Canada has maintained the same level as before. Hopefully, this remains so! On the way home we moved just ahead of a weather watch or blizzard warning through several States.

In March, for the first time ever, we will be attending the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show.

Opening Day this year is May 19 with people coming in on May 18, 2012. If you have your valid green outdoor card please bring it with you as the system for its use is finally up and running. If you need to renew it you can do so on-line by going to www.mnr.gov.on.ca and following the information for non-Canadian residents. This should save you a considerable amount of time at the license outlets and is highly recommended, you will also find a fee schedule and other valuable information on there. You must still get all licenses prior to coming into camp.

Another useful web site is the Canada Border Services Agency at www.cbsa.gc.ca for any questions on DUI’s , what identification information is needed, what you are allowed to bring over and back and how much. Please keep in mind a valid passport is required to get back into the States. If you have a child in your group who is crossing without both parents we recommend having a letter of permission from the missing parent.

If you are bringing your own trolling motor to camp you will also need to bring or rent a battery that is in addition to the one on the motor. We ran into trouble with this last year and doing this should solve any problems.

Bookings for fishing are changing all the time so if there is a specific week that you would like but was full before please get a hold of us to see if anything has opened up.

Bear season starts August 15, 2012 and we have several people interested but there are still a few openings available. That cinnamon cub that we have been watching for two years should be of a good size now.

We are in the process of gutting and renovating the Lodge cabin attached to the TV room. The bedrooms and bathrooms will all be moved around and all will now have a window. Pictures are available on-line on Facebook as we get things completed.

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until May 6, 2012 and then out at the camp 1-647-478-2904 after that so please feel free to contact us at either number.