Spring 2011

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.

The winter has been quite interesting this year. Just when we get the last batch of snow cleared off there is another half a foot to a foot or more dumped on us. We hear from people in several States that this is happening to them as well. Because of all the layers of snow the ice on the lakes is in terrible condition for snow machining with massive amounts of slush and less than normal amounts of ice. This technically should mean early open water, but we have been fooled before.

This March has been especially all over the place with -33 degrees (same) one day and then +1 (33 degrees) two days later. There has been rain mixed in with the snow as well. Hard to know what is going to greet you when you open the door in the morning. With all the snow that we have had one has to assume that this will mean higher water at Nungesser in the Spring. How high is unknown but it has got to be more than we had last year at the beginning of the season.

Late fall, last year we bought a new-to-us 950 John Deere tractor. With it came all kinds of accessories including a snow blower (which has gotten lots of use), box scraper, post hole auger, brush axe, lawn mower and back hoe attachments with two buckets. This will be most useful for various chores throughout the camp. Our apologies to Lee – hopefully next year we will get to that pontoon boat, it is on the list!

At the beginning of 2011 we attended the All Canada, St. Charles Sport Show. The number of people that came through was about average for that show. We appreciate the time it takes for our guests to come and visit us there.

The end of January we went to the Island of Tortola with friends and enjoyed some sunshine and lack of shoveling. The ten days that we were gone saw the airports in various cities (Chicago, Dallas) in the US shut down due to bad weather and snow but by the time we headed for home it had all cleared up.

In February we attended the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. This location had been suggested by several guests and boy, where they right. Upwards of 40,000 people came through the doors that weekend. There was a lot of interest in our Lodge (especially the bear hunting) and we had a great visit with several guests from that area. It is nice to meet some of the wives that we give a break to once a year! The show was successful in that Doug and a friend booked an Elk and Mule deer hunt in Montana for November. This is something that he has wanted to do for quite some time.

In March we decided to do something yet a little more different by putting up our booth at the Crystal Bar & Grill in Mora, Minnesota and having an Open house there. The owners, Jim and Beth, are friends and repeat customers and speak very highly of our Lodge. The Friday afternoon was busy with talking to people of all ages during the lunch and dinner crowds.

On Saturday afternoon the bar was packed with people attending an indoor fishing contest. It is great to be able to swap fishing tales with so many avid fishing enthusiasts. Several hundred people came for prizes, minnow races and a bake walk. Proceeds went to benefit the Kanabec Agricultural Society and the Women’s Anglers of Minnesota.

The Opening day of fishing season is May 21, 2011 (a week later than last year) and this is still causing a bit of scheduling confusion. If you haven’t already heard from us please contact us to verify your date and deposit details.

Being the computer phobic people that we are, we have just recently downloaded the Google Earth program. Thank you to “Hammer24” for the beautiful picture of the sunrise right off the end of our dock.

For those of you who usually stop at the Village Corner in Vermilion Bay, Ontario we have spoken to the owner. She advises that they will not be open for business this year, probably the entire season. They are still speaking with the insurance people and are considering all their options.

Cabin 9 is getting finished off weekend by weekend and is ready for guests. Just needs the final touches of trim, paint, etc. Progress can be checked out on Facebook.

In a couple of weeks Doug and a guest will be staying there and trying out an ice fishing adventure. This is something that we are considering offering on a regular basis in the next two or three years so we want to make sure of details before adding it to our brochures. We will keep you posted.

There are a few bear hunting spots still available. As well, there are some weeks that we have room for fishing parties. Bookings change from time to time so if there was a particular week that you were interested in please check to see if any openings have come up.

The rising price of gas is worrisome and if it continues to be high or increase even more by spring we will have to consider our options. We will check with others in the industry to see what they are doing in response to this issue.

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until May 7, 2011 and then out at the camp 1-647-478-2904 after that so please feel free to contact us at either number.