Spring 2013

Hello to you from Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd.!

The winter of 2012 – 2013 has been quite memorable.  If it wasn’t minus 40 (same on both scales) it has been plus 5 (your 40 degrees).  Although it hovered at minus 40 for more than two weeks sometimes it would take just a couple of days to go from one temperature extreme to the other and back.  We have more than five feet of snow here so low water this spring shouldn’t be a problem. Last year in March we had unseasonably high temperatures of up to plus 23 (73 F) so this is more like we are used to. 

In November Doug and I went to Las Vegas to stimulate their local economy and to hear the “Eagles” play as my 50th Birthday present.  We took a side trip to Santa Monica and enjoyed every minute of the warm weather walking down the pier and the shopping on the 3rd street promenade. 

In January we attended our last year at the St. Charles All Canada Sport show.  There were far less booths and quite a few less people attending the event as in previous years.  We will be looking around for other shows to attend during that time period.  Shortly after we got home from that we headed back out to the Fiji Island of Vanua Levu with another couple.  If you ever get a chance to go to the Koro Sun Resort in the town of Savu Savu you are sure to have a wonderful experience, we highly recommend them. 

The trip we quite unforgettable and the scenery was beautiful with many different shades of green. On the boat out on the ocean on our dolphin tour Doug commented that the motor was not running properly.  On the way back from chasing the elusive mammals and snorkeling we ran out of gas, Doug the mechanic was right.  Good thing there were two boats out that day as we had to be towed quite a long ways in.  There was some concern that the tow boat would also run out of gas before heading to land.  No life jackets, satellite phone or paddles on board.   

We did go deep sea fishing and caught several types of fish.  A little different technique and bait than at Nungesser but we managed quite well all the same.  One person on our plane decided that she liked the ocean fish well enough to take some back in her suitcase.  After an 11 hour flight from Nadi Island to Los Angeles, the heat and various other delays, the fish did not fare so well.  Some other people’s baggage was affected also.  We stayed overnight in LA and attended one of the first NHL games after the strike with the Ducks slamming the Kings 7 to 4.

The Iowa Deer Classic was well attended.  Many of the people coming in were very happy to hear that we had been approved for a brand new bear management area on the north shore of Nungesser Lake.  All of the tags that we were given for that new area have been sold for this year.  Our present bear management area has been extended with eight new tags given and some of those are still available.  So many people have inquired about a hunting only package with no fishing involved that we are now offering this as well.  Pricing is available on-line. We will be coming back to this show next year. 

After checking with our insurance company we are still able to provide permanent stands for bear hunters to use in our areas as long as they bring the appropriate safety gear and harness and we supply an orientation on proper hunting safety and procedures. 

In between the Iowa Deer Classic and the last sport show there was just enough time to visit a friend in Iberia, Missouri where Doug has gone turkey hunting many times.  Wally is 94 years young and doing very well for his age.  Generally that time of year it is quite beautiful with the flowers blooming and the grass green but everything was coved in snow.

The snow followed us to Milwaukee causing closures and accidents all along the way.  It seemed like storms have followed us on every trip down from January on.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show was also very well attended with the Saturday being the highest attendance in over five years.  We will be coming back to this show next year. Thank you to everyone who contacted, stopped in to visit or went out to dinner with us at all three shows. 

The 2013 walleye fishing season opens May 18 with our first guests coming in on May 17, 2013.  There are still various openings available and changes all the time so please contact us if the opportunity to come fishing or hunting arises.  If anyone in your group has a pleasure craft operator’s card please have them bring that with them.  The Mercury motors have now been completely phased out and all the Yamahas will be three years or less.  Many of you will be happy to hear this!  Especially Mike and Jeff!!

There are shingles waiting to be put up on the roofs of Cabins 1, 2 and 3.  Cabin 3 is also getting a new set of cupboards to replace the impractical ones.  Each cabin will have its own lock box so you can lock up your valuables.  There will be no charge for this unless you lose the key.  The coin operated washing machine and dryer will be up and running and supplies will be available for purchase. 

By the time you get this there should be major changes to be seen on the web-site.  We are visiting with the web master and his family (who happens to be Doug’s youngest brother) in Phoenix and finally bringing him the information to make the changes. 

One big change that you will notice when you cross the border into Canada is that the penny has been discontinued.  Invoices paid for by check, debit or credit card will be unaffected.  If paying by cash your prices will be rounded up or down to the nearest five cent increment.  This will happen after applicable sales taxes have been implemented.  For example something costing $1.88 will be rounded up to $1.90.  If it is $1.86 it will be rounded down to $1.85. 

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com. We will be at our home number of 1-807-727-2028 until May 6, 2013 and then out at the camp 1-647-478-2904 after that so please feel free to contact us at either number.  You may also try our cell phone at 807-728-2368.