Fall 2013

Hello to you from  Nungesser Lake Lodge 2008 Ltd

Opening week was a stressful one as the ice did not leave the lake until May 17 and not all parts were open until a couple of days after that. Many groups cancelled out and came later on in the year as there was no assurance that they wouldn’t be travelling many, many miles just to sit in the cabins and not be able to go out.   The one morning we woke up to ice clogging our bay as the wind had changed during the night and pushed it all in on us.      

A large, new sign for the river landing at the road was commissioned from Burton Penner of Vermilion Bay and we think he did a great job.  He also did two other signs for the second river landing and in camp. You can see more of his art work at www.canada-dogsled.com.   

Cabins 1 through 5 all got new shingles on their roofs this year.  Rain gutters were installed on all of the roofs that we have replaced in the last two years, as well as the fish house, cabins 7 and 9.  Cabins 6, 8 and the staff quarters are all slated for getting new roofs next year.   

Cabin 3 got a new kitchen installed and we have ordered sets of cupboards to be put into cabins 1 and 2 for the beginning of 2014.  Pictures of the finished project can be seen on our Facebook page.   

The coin operated washer and dryer finally went into operation about a month before the end of season.  Next year they will be available for use right away.   

Major changes have been made to the Nungesser Lake Lodge web site with more information, pages, menus and pictures.  Many thanks to our administrator (Doug’s much, much younger brother) for making the site look great!

The new room safes and kitchen shelving units were well received and many people told us they were happy to have no more Mercury motors at camp.  Four new 18 foot, split seat boats have been ordered and will arrive at the beginning of the new season. 

There is new Youtube video. You can check it out by clicking this link, going on our web site and Facebook page or go onto Youtube and type in “Doug Van Dusen” and “Heavy Duty Can Crusher”.  It explains about the unit that was designed and made to crush our recyclable cans.  The can crusher project was two years in the making and after several modifications is now running smoothly. 

The week that the bear hunters arrived turned out to be one of the hottest of the year.  Day time temperatures were into the 90’s and with high humidity, it did not even cool off very much after dark.  Three of the five managed to get their animals.  Between the heat and the bumper blueberry crop it was a tough go.  The nice cinnamon bear that we see on our trail cameras is still in the area.   

Six tree stands have been built in our new bear management area across the lake and we are anxious to try them out next year.   

Some of the strangest catches this season include a rock, an old Evinrude 20 HP motor cover from the 70’s and a 40 inch Northern that wrapped itself into the line of a marker buoy.  Photographic evidence was produced so we know it wasn’t a “fish tale”.   

Doug was away for the moose hunting season but his sons and nephew managed to get a nice bull.  When we went up to check things out at camp this weekend and there is about four inches of snow up at Nungesser already while the town of  Red Lake only has a light dusting on the grass. 

For the first time we will be attending the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoor Expo in the Schaumburg Convention Center on January 23 to 26, 2014.    Further information for this show can be found at www.sportshows.com/chicago/.   We had attended the All Canada sport show in St. Charles for five years and it was time to try a different one.   

Also for the first time we will be attending the Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show held at the Indiana State Fair Grounds from February 14 to 23, 2014.  We have never attended a 10 day show before so are interested to see how it works out.  More information can be obtained at www.indianapolisboatsportandtravelshow.com

Once again we will be at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport show which is on March 5 to 9, 2014 and you can check out the show by going to www.milwuakeesportsshow.com and following the links. This is held at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center in West Allis, Wisconsin. 

The Opening day of fishing season is May 17, 2014, with the first week being May 16 to 23, 2014.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.  We have been away but now should be home until we begin to attend Sport shows starting January 2014.   

If you know of someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter please let us know or forward it on. Our e-mail address is info@nungesserlake.com.